Various - Flap on at HQ Vol 1 - (CD LP)

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‘The Case Of The Strange Silver Disc.'

One autumn morning Holmes and Watson were sitting in their Baker St. study quietly reading the daily newspapers, suddenly Holmes sprang to his feet "We have post, Watson" he exclaimed."By jove holmes" said Watson "how on earth do you know that?" "If I am not mistaken, I can hear Mrs Hudson coming up the stairs right now" said Holmes confidently."Mr Holmes" said Mrs Hudson as she knocked on the door,"this arrived this morning"Ahhh" cried Holmes "at last something to alleviate this intense boredom"."I say Holmes, what on earth is it?" exclaimed his good friend Dr Watson."If my instincts are correct Watson" replied Holmes "this is one of the latest recording devices" "Well crank up the old gramophone,lets put it on and have a listen" suggested Watson"."Can't do that old old chum" came the reply, "but let me investigate the sleeve for clues, now where is my lense?,Aha! Just as I thought, its a record label from Ipswich called Backwater Records, they have put some of their releases onto this this strange silver disc, I do believe I have some of their records somewhere! Right crank up the gramophone Watson, lets put some on!"Watson knew what was in store for the rest of the afternoon, as Holmes reached for the wooden case on the mantel piece.As holmes drifted off to the sounds coming from the gramophone,Watson mumbled to himself, "Hmph flap on at H.Q. indeed, whoever heard of such a thing, hmph most strange".