Holly Johnston - Voices in My Head - (CD LP)

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Voices in my Head -First release from Holly Johnston

Holly D. Johnston  released her debut album ‘Voices in my Head' on Suffolk-based Backwater records in 2001. Her mature song-writing style belied her age of 17 ,and covers the spectrum of folk, pop, contemporary and country.On  this album, Holly  brought together the many influences surrounding her as she grew up in her native Ipswich, creating a fresh and soulful sound.

1.Send me an Angel

2.First Days Of Summer

3.In Every Open Street

4.Swim Against the Tide

5.Tearing Me Apart

6.Waits In the Shadows

7.Keep you in my Heart

8.You`re Just a Man

9.At the End of the Day

10.Just a Carpenter

11.Still I Scream