Exit 13 - Three - (CD LP)

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This is album number three (never!) which picks up where the others left off, but this time it is more personal, and relies less on the psychedelic past, and more on the grounded present. Working in short intense bursts, in this case four weeks, the songs are recorded in order of arrival, and provide a storyboard to the tempestuous moods of love, friendship and faith. The Backwater principal is always to be passionate about the music, irrespective of genre, and whether circling the streets on his beloved bike or luxuriating in a T-Rex bubble bath, Exit 13 epitomises this passion, and it is etched into each of these fourteen songs.  The Exit 13 sound is rich in the analogue trademark of Backwater. Throw in a nod to 60's pyschedelia, the odd waft of 70's glamour, and you have an album that still is lodged firmly in the 21st century, without betraying its roots.