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'Long Time Gone', is the debut single from Welsh folk up star Osian Rhys.

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The single is set for release on Friday 24th August through Backwater Records.

Immersed in dark ambiguity, 'Long Time Gone' takes the form of a folk hymn.

Almost in prayer, the singer asks to be cleansed from sin, looking for purity in his hour of darkness."I Haven't Seen Anything/Haven't done anything/Haven't Been Anywhere for Days/ But I Don't Care."

The melody crescendos with a bleak sentiment brought to life with Osian Rhys' simple guitar plucks and breathtakingly, haunting voice.

Recorded onto a 'reel to reel' tape machine, in the basement of an old Victorian House, 'Long Time Gone' captures a raw honesty that is rarely found on records today.

The B Side, 'A oes 'na le (i oeri gwres fy nghalon)', is a tale of forbidden love. The character asks if there is a place so to keep his heart and desires subdued. He is told that there is a place at the bottom of the river where his secrets can be kept hidden. Sung in the vain of a Welsh language folk ballad, the track evolves into eerie trance, complete with pulsating organ, psych harmonies and Rhys' ethereal, falsetto vocal.

The single will be released on a series of limited edition 7" inch records, complete with artwork designed by artist Phoebe Davenport. The single will be available for purchase at various record shops and via the Backwater Records website. Records PO BOX 51, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 4AN. UK

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