The Future Kings of England

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The Future Kings of England`s first album is re released on June 9th,

Remixed and Re-mastered with a new digipack sleeve

You can preorder a copy here-

The Future Kings of England albums "The Viewing Point" and Who is This Who is Coming? plus Roger Eno`s album Ted Sheldrake are available now from Burning


Osian Rhys

'Long Time Gone', is the debut single from Welsh folk up star Osian Rhys.

See new video here

The single is set for release on Friday 24th August through Backwater Records.

Immersed in dark ambiguity, 'Long Time Gone' takes the form of a folk hymn.

Almost in prayer, the singer asks to be cleansed from sin, looking for purity in his hour of darkness."I Haven't Seen Anything/Haven't done anything/Haven't Been Anywhere for Days/ But I Don't Care."

The melody crescendos with a bleak sentiment brought to life with Osian Rhys' simple guitar plucks and breathtakingly, haunting voice.

Recorded onto a 'reel to reel' tape machine, in the basement of an old Victorian House, 'Long Time Gone' captures a raw honesty that is rarely found on records today.

The B Side, 'A oes 'na le (i oeri gwres fy nghalon)', is a tale of forbidden love. The character asks if there is a place so to keep his heart and desires subdued. He is told that there is a place at the bottom of the river where his secrets can be kept hidden. Sung in the vain of a Welsh language folk ballad, the track evolves into eerie trance, complete with pulsating organ, psych harmonies and Rhys' ethereal, falsetto vocal.

The single will be released on a series of limited edition 7" inch records, complete with artwork designed by artist Phoebe Davenport. The single will be available for purchase at various record shops and via the Backwater Records website. Records PO BOX 51, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 4AN. UK

Picking up many good reviews already

The Future Kings of England

This years Backwater Records night is at the Cult Bar on the Waterfront Ipswich

The date is Friday June the 13th

 The Future Kings of England. Reb Capper. Buffalo Road. Holly Johnston will be appearing this year.



This was another good night, we are planning another in late 2013 which will take place at the Theta cafe UCS at the waterfront,Ipswich.Hopefully with artists that did not play at the last event.

The last two events were part of the wonderful Ipswich switch fringe festival..

2013 line up was-

 The Future Kings of England. Reb Capper. Buffalo Road. Holly Johnston

 The 2012 line up was-

Osian Rhys - Latest BW artist-Solo male s/s with a gentle unique vocal style

Reb Capper-fresh and quirky singer/songwriter from Ipswich

Uncle Black-nu-folk and pop, both contemporary but with a strong sense of the past.

The Future Kings of England- ...the pastoral Floyd, '72 Genesis, the echosoup psychedelia of Amon Düül II - whipped together with an ardor that sounds like yesterday and tomorrow at once. Rolling Stone

The Future Kings of England


Just to let you know the new Future Kings of England Album is now available from the Backwater Records site,

also we now have TFKOE 3rd album "The Viewing Point " back in stock,

The first album has been repressed and is available now,We may release thefourth album on vinyl as well.



Backwater News

War Waves album "All That we Lack" available now from Backwater site and all download sites,the vinyl LP will be available soon

War Waves Horses single released on 18th July 2016


Amy Hollinrake "fade into this" 4 track EP

and 7" single available now


Holly Johnston EP "The Dolls House" out now

Buffalo Road Third album available early 2017


Reb Capper EP 2017

plus more releases in the pipeline

War Waves

War Waves are playing the following gigs - 2016
October 15th The Hunters Club Bury St Edmunds UK
November4th The Smokehouse Ipswich UK
November 11th Waterfront Studio Norwich

The Tiny Clocks

Latest Release is the four track "Victorian Noise" EP

The EP is now available to buy from this site and also available to download from all the major download sites as well.


Already picking up good reviews for the latest EP-


.The Four Tracks on the "Victorian Noise" EP are:1. Ventora Ocean2. Toys from Switzerland3..Jane, It`s Not December4. Radio Lady.



The Tiny Clocks

Belinda the Cellist who has played on alot of Backwater Records over the years has a posh new website .

see link below





Backwater News

Videos of some of the label artists are available here-

Latest Video is a track from Reb Cappers latest album-

More to follow soon

Backwater artist videos shot on 8mm film and digital
Edited by Pete Bolton

There is also available a Future Kings of England DVD out now, We would also like to compile all the videos made for the label on a compilation DVD,This will be available later this year hopefully.

Backwater News

All Backwater releases are available from emusic-

Also all latest releases are available from all download sites itunes etc,

Backwater News

A new website you say? Here is the Backwater Facebook link if you would to have a look or become a friend, twitter is @backwater1