Reb Capper

Reb Capper

Reb is half elf. She has been desperately seeking her missing half since she was knee high to a spacehopper. This EP follows her heartbreak and return to full elf once more. These songs will take you on a journey from here to there, stopping at somewhere else along the way. Half of the elf plays the keys, the other half plays any instrument she can lay her hands upon.

She is a fresh and prolific songwriter new to the music scene and releases her debut EP ‘Half Elf' on Backwater Records, August 2010. This four Track EP contains the songs Surely Insecurely, The Diving Bell, King and Country and Untouchable.

Her many influences include the likes of James Taylor, the sea, Kate Rusby, Reb's ridiculous life, Ennio Morricone, knitted creatures, Neil Finn, gardening and sillyness. Such a wonderfully random collection blends together to form a heady, ethereal, and eclectic mix of folky acoustic pop, both delighting and engaging.

Reb Follows up the release of last years "Voodoo Doll" single with an album Bakelite due for release in October 2014.



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