Holly Johnston

After the critical success of her second alum 'East Anglian Girl', Holly Johnston is undertaking a Masters in Songwriting. She has moved to the Northern Climbs of Scotland and penned her Third release due in Summer of 2015. 'Feel the North Wind Blow', as her next album will be entitled is a stripped back introduction of Holly Johnston's new songs. It is intended to make the listener feel as if they are joined in their living room by the musicians. With Holly's warm narrative song writing style accompanied by her beautiful vocals, this album is hoped to be another great success for the artist. For Holly Johnston's ongoing musings visit her blog where you will find links to all of her social media. Or simply indulge in one of her CDs that are already released. Holly's blog can be found at: www.swansongbird.blogspot.co.uk

Holly`s Webite is-www.eastangliangirl.com



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